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Welcome to TEXPORT HandelsgesmbH.

We are specialized in solving of fluid filtration problems in industrial, commercial and household applications. We are in cooperation with well known manufacturers and due to more than 20 years of experience in selection and dimensioning we have the ability to solve common and exceptional filtration challenges each with the best and most economical solution.

Our product range covers following systems:
l Metal or Plastic Basket Strainer l Bag Filter Housings l Standard- and High Efficiency Filter Bags l High Efficiency Filter Cartridges l Cartridge Filter l LAKOS Separators (Centrifugal Action Filter) l Self Cleaning Intake Screens (LAKOS) l Backwash Filter (Bernoulli-Strainer) l Self Cleaning Filter (DELTA-STRAIN)

These filters cover a multiplicity of applications and especially in heating and cooling (HVAC) or ground water heating pumps we can offer very efficient and economical long time solutions with LAKOS separators (centrifugal action filters). In bigger systems of these applications the self cleaning pump intake screens from LAKOS and/or back wash filters from BERNOULLI provide a very effective and cost saving solution for years.
Additionally we can solve particle problems in local or remote heating systems with user friendly and technically well-engineered basket strainers made from various metals. Further all plastic basket strainers for corrosive fluid are included.
For the filtration needs in the chemical industry, paint and lacquer manufacturing and use our self cleaning filters type DELTA-STRAIN and filter bags from Allied Filter Systems have allocated a fixed place. For cosmetics, food and drinking water we can provide you filter cartridges with newest technology and high economy. Further we supply bag filter housings from Filterflo s.r.l. with standard filter bags from Allied Filter Systems or high efficiency filter bags from 3M.


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