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All Plastic Basket Strainer

All-Plastic Simplex Strainer is the answer for straining applications in corrosive or ultra pure services. There is no metal used in its construction to leach out and contaminate sensitive fluids. And because it’s plastic this simplex strainer will never rust or corrode. Another benefit, often overlooked, is that because it is plastic, the strainer will never need painting or coating. It will stand up and function for years in applications where a metal strainer would have to be coated or painted just to survive. Perforated plastic baskets, made of the same material as the strainer housing, are standard. For applications that require fine mesh straining, baskets can be fabricated from stainless steel, extending the application flexibility of this all-plastic basket strainer.
Basket changing or cleanout couldn’t be easier. The cover spins off by hand, no tools are needed. And because of the light weight of the strainer, installation is simplified. Plastic simplex strainers can be used in many applications, even some that you may have thought would require metal strainers. Thinking of replacing a metal strainer with a plastic one to take advantage of lower costs and better corrosion resistance? First take a look at the temperature/non-shock pressure chart to see if your application falls within range of the plastic material you are considering. If it does, and chemical resistance is not a problem, then the other consideration is the actual installation itself.
Contact us for specific recommendations for your system. These recommendations may include things such as proper alignment of the strainer in the piping system to eliminate stress, correct support for the strainer and installation of spool pieces of plastic pipe or expansion joints.
All-Plastic Simplex Basket Strainers are the answer to highly corrosive or ultra pure applications. They are available in PVC and CPVC in sizes up to 8” – with socket, threaded or flanged connections. They are rated at 10 bar at 21 °C in most applications.

• External Cover Threads; Low Pressure Drop; Wide Choice of Baskets; In-Line or loop Piping Design
• True Union Connections; Hand Removable Cover; Integral, Flat mounting Base

• Stainless Steel Mesh Baskets
• EPDM Seals

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