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High Efficiency Filter Bags

 General Use Filter Bag Series G
The 3M™ General Use Filter Bag features a multi-layered polyolefin construction that provides clean, uniform, efficient filtration at high flow rates in both low and high viscosity liquids.
The bag comes in four nominal micron sizes to satisfy a wide variety of filtration needs. A plastic collar/handle allows for quick and clean filter changeouts and is designed to fit into most existing bag housings. The large amount of surface area provided by the layers of polyolefin media result in high oilholding capacities.

 High Performance Liquid Filter Bags Series 100
The 3M™ Series 100 High Performance Liquid Filter Bag is constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers, allowing for very fine particle capture at high efficiencies. All 3M Brand Series 100 Liquid Filter Bags are over 90% efficient at their suggested application rating. The 3M Filter offers an excellent balance of high efficiencies with very low initial pressure drops. The bag construction makes this filter an easy to use, convenient, high performance alternative to filter cartridges. The 3M Series 100 Liquid Filter Bag can also adsorb unwanted trace oils that frequently occur in processed fluids. The high amount of surface area due to the polypropylene microfiber construction, results in oil holding capacities from 10-20 times the filter’s own weight.

 High Performance Liquid Filter Bags Series 500
The 3M™ Series 500 High Performance Liquid Filter Bag incorporates the patented bypass and transport layer design that maximizes the amount of surface area in each bag. The result is a unique filter designed to improve performance and reduce operating costs. The 3M filter contains up to 38 square feet of usable filter media. Compare this with only 4.4 square feet for most competitive filter bags and 0.65 square feet for most competitive cartridges. To make use of this entire surface area, the Series 500 Liquid Filter Bag is constructed using the patented Bypass/Transport concept invented by 3M researchers. Specially designed bypass holes are cut into certain areas of the filter media to prevent premature blinding of the filter. In conjunction with the bypass design, a second media called a transport layer helps to distribute fluid flow evenly through the filter. The outer layers of the filter provide a highly uniform barrier for final particle filtration. This construction results in very high dirt loading capacity, even at high flow rates. There are no sewn seams used in any of the filtering layers, thus allowing high filtration efficiencies for fine particles.
The 3M Bypass/Transport filter technology is manufactured in a filter bag form to provide additional operational advantages:
Changeout time – easier and faster, less labor required
Bag compressibility – easier and less costly disposal
Contaminant captured inside the bag – easier handling

The raw materials composing all above mentioned series are FDA compliant according to CFR Title 21.

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