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Bernoulli - Strainer

Many industrial processes need pure water, free from particles and other impurities. Modern water supplies are often severely polluted and this makes heavy demands on purification and filtration equipment. A good system has to be simple, efficient and reliable. What is more, it has to be able to withstand sea water and resist corrosion. The name of this system is Bernoulli.

New filter technology
The Bernoulli Strainer is an ingenious design for straining water. The strainer works on Bernoulli’s principle, the 250-year-old discovery that an increase in the velocity of flow of a liquid gives rise to a drop in pressure. A specially designed piston is introduced into the strainer basket which creates an increase in the velocity of flow between the piston and the wall of the strainer. The resulting drop in pressure, “vacuums“ away the particles which have attached themselves to the inside of the basket. The impurities are flushed out through a flushing valve, and problems due to the clogging of the strainer surfaces are avoided.

Many advantages
The design is simple and robust, giving benefits such as increased reliability, ease of maintenance and a high level of operational reliability. Thanks to the right choice of materials and a well-thought-out design, the Bernoulli Strainer offers a long-life solution to corrosion problems, even in salt water systems. Its smooth flow, high capacity characteristics, combined with low flushing losses, make the filter highly efficient, and offer real advantages in process system design.

• Continuous operation - the Bernoulli Filter is designed for continuous operation without interruptions and does not require any regular maintenance.
• Low pressure drop even for high flow rates
• Low flushing pressure - 0,3 bar pressure gauge is sufficient.
• Easy installation - the Bernoulli Filter can be fitted directly to pipe lines. Any horizontal or vertical position is possible.
• Good corrosion resistance - the Bernoulli Filter has a stainless steel, PVC or glass fibre body, particularly suitable for corrosive liquids such as sea water.

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